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Ian Hunter, CTS-D


What's Missing from his Business Card:

AV Guru

Super Power:

Able to optimize the signal to noise ratio like no other




Ian is a Principal with the firm, and among his many talents as a theatre consultant, Ian also leads our AV services. Coming from a family legacy in the AV business, Ian has been involved with various forms of theatre and live production for more than 20 years, including extensive work in live events and with professional AV rental/production companies. Ian’s education includes a BA in Theatre Production from Brigham Young University, and an MFA in Sound System Design from Purdue University. He joined us in 2005.

When it comes to optimizing the signal to noise ratio within a project, Ian is the guy. He delivers services in a way that all can understand. And, in a creative way, he makes intuitive systems in response to need--within means--and that look, sound and operate great.

But that’s not all. Ian is a generalist with an innate sense of making great working spaces, and wrangling all the parts of the physical puzzle and managing the process simultaneously. He’s applied his AV chops beyond theatres to sports venues, council chambers, museums, media facilities, teaching and learning spaces and others.

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